To be yourself in a world that is

constantly trying to make you

something else,

is the greatest


– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t you deserve to live an authentic life?

At REALyou,  we believe the answer is a resounding YES!

Why? Because living an authentic life empowers us to excel in all of our pursuits, including the creation and growth of meaningful, healthy relationships.

That fact drives everything we do.

Discovering the most authentic (“REAL”)

version of yourself will empower you to

be the  BEST version of yourself.

REALyou will become your go-to resource by providing compelling, research-based and action-oriented information while also engaging you in a supportive community of people. Our diverse offerings, powerful workshops, and unique membership site (hyper link to member site) will guide you to develop the most important relationship of your life: your relationship with yourself. Doing so will then enable you to create and grow healthy relationships of all forms with others.  

REALyou offers programs intended for parents, educators, kids and teens. We are committed to providing guidance, tools, courses and resources to support and guide you in creating your best and most fulfilling life. Whether you are a parent, an educator, an individual adult, a teen, or a child, there is something here for you.  

With REALyou, you’ll have access to the program and support you will need to reach your specific goals. Whether you are a school administrator wanting to bring our programs to your entire school, or a parent just trying to support your child.

At REALyou, we are here to support you in reaching your highest potential, reminding you that you are the author of your own story, and YOUR story matters!

Meet Anea, the Creator of REALyou Programs

REALyou was created by Anea Bogue based on the findings, research and success of her 25+ years of hands-on experience working with thousands of women, teens, kids, parents, and teachers. Anea has developed countless resources, all with one goal in mind: to guide each human being to reach their highest potential. REALyou brings together the passion, skill, talent and knowledge of Anea and her team of experts to provide YOU with the most urgent and transformative information needed to accomplish this powerful mission. 

Anea’s empowerment programs continue to reach kids and teens throughout the U.S and the globe. She also co-hosts a #1 Parenting Podcast (RAD Parenting), leads revolutionary school presentations on sexual misconduct prevention and affirmative consent, creates customized empowerment curricula for school boards, and is a subject matter expert called upon by a wide array of media outlets. 

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Our school district experienced a crisis regarding sexual assault, after which a committee was formed to address next steps. I am a member of this committee, which is comprised of parents, students, faculty, and administrators. We engaged in a national search to find an expert who could guide our district in how to create a culture of consent and prevent further occurrences of sexual harassment and sexual assault on our school campuses. After our extensive search, we chose Anea, who has been an excellent partner in this important work. She is an extraordinary subject matter expert whose professionalism, calm, empathy, and humanity were noted throughout our work with her. Anea’s expertise encompassed her deep listening skills as she met with the community beforehand in order to create a presentation that addressed our specific needs. Her presentations were powerful, increased awareness, educated parents, faculty, and students, and provided practical steps to empower students. She has been committed to the entire process of our healing, including follow-up after the presentation, in order to help us to absorb the information as deeply as possible – to get it into our bones. I have been extremely impressed with Anea and I offer my endorsement of her work as a father, a member of a school district, and as a man committed to the eradication of sexual misconduct in all forms.

– John Fitton, Parent


Thank you so much for this amazing group! I am constantly reminded that I am doing my very best and still have room for improvement as I am human. The REALyou group’s philosophy and direction has given me so much more than what the previous 6 years of therapy has provided. Thank you also for providing space to address these difficult situations as transitional parents!   

– REALyou Membership Site Member


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