“Living authentically allows us to cease looking at

our children as blank canvases on which

we can project our image of who they should be,

seeing them instead as fellow travelers on the journey,

changing us as much as we are changing them.”

– Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Finally, the support, guidance, and encouragement  you need to raise happy, healthy, authentic children is just a click away.



REAL tools. REAL strategies. REAL access. REAL solutions. REAL interaction


  • Do you want your children to become confident, independent individuals who walk their own path with strength and resilience?
  • Would you like to receive advice and action steps on how you can become a more engaged, empathetic, and empowered parent?
  • Would you benefit from the opportunity to work with a parenting coach to support you in navigating challenging behaviors, difficult conversations and complex issues?
  • Do you want your children to have tools and resources to help create their own healthy and fulfilling relationships?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, don’t wait.

Each month, we focus on the most relevant, urgent,  and foundational aspects of effective parenting. REALyou provides easy-to-digest, ‘real-life’ tools, action steps, and resources that you can start using today!  REALyou Parenting is an interactive, online parent community that offers its members exclusive access to:

Live Q & A sessions with Anea

Curated content intended

to broaden your perspective

An array of subject matter experts

Informative game-changing videos

Participation in

a shame-free parenting community

So much more!

Anea’s Approach to Parenting

Our goal as conscious parents should be to provide guidance, support, and spaciousness for our children to be and become the best and most authentic version of themselves, NOT a version we think we want them to be. Our own wounds as parents stem from our own experience as children. We were likely directed away from being the most authentic version of ourselves and toward becoming a version that would be ‘easier to deal with’ and as a result, more socially acceptable. We were groomed to become productive and ‘successful’ in a societally defined way.
Effective parenting requires that we find our way back to the most authentic version of ourselves. That begins with looking at ourselves and doing whatever work is necessary to be able to model the thing we are teaching. Anea is committed to supporting you as you take a deeper dive within yourself in order to tap into and model the tools that you want to teach your children. Consider it an invitation to explore what it means for you to be an empowered parent. You know your kids best and you are the expert on what they need. Consider all the resources provided and take only what feels best for your family.
As your parenting partner, Anea will help you to parent with greater confidence and consciousness. You will notice the differences almost immediately.


“Anea’s appreciation of, and expertise in, the broader issues of interpersonal communication as it relates to parenting and child empowerment are phenomenal. I feel truly blessed to have had her input in our lives. Anea will forever be a positive influence on our journey!” – T. Earle 
“Thank you so much for this amazing group! I am constantly reminded that I am doing my very best and still have room for improvement as I am human. The REALyou group’s philosophy and direction has given me so much more than what the previous 6 years of therapy has provided. Thank you also for providing space to address these difficult situations as transitional parents!”    – REALyou Membership Site Member

“I met Anea when our life journey had come to a screeching halt and needed new direction. Anea became an instant addiction. All I wanted to do when I saw her was to talk, cry, laugh and be happy. She took our halted journey, added some gas in the tank, gave us a new edition road map and very quickly we were on our way to paradise. Anea is just incredible, charming, loving, smart, intuitive and caring. She does not judge, she does not demand, she just lets you take the lead and then gently guides you down the path you want to follow. Sometimes humans get lost in the woods and she becomes a loveable compass.” -S. Cloete

“I am a full-time mom with a Psychology background and still I was unprepared for the communication breakdown with my two teenage daughters. Anea came into our lives when I felt desperate and uncertain. She immediately helped to put me at ease, which directly affected how I related to my daughters. The “safe” environment Anea created helped my daughters express themselves. I do not believe any other “therapy” would have changed our family dynamic. The value of what she brought to all of us is priceless. Anea is a most precious resource for mothers and daughters.” -Tracy

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