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REALgirl® Empowerment Workshops and Camps for Girls - by Anea Bogue

Anea Bogue, M.A., B.Ed., CLC, Sexual Health Educator, Director and Founder REALgirl/REALboy/REALyou

Anea, the mother of two daughters (ages 21 and 9), is a highly respected sexual health educator and the creator and director of REALgirl® and REALboy™, both revolutionary empowerment programs yielding incredibly transformative results domestically and internationally. She is the also cohost on the popular educational parenting podcast, RAD Parenting, which has been ranked the #1 parenting podcast on iTunes. There, along with her comedic cohost Joe Sib, she offers sage advice on topics that span the gamut of parental challenges. Anea has also been called upon by the U.S. Army to create sexual assault prevention content for their programs. Anea’s first book, ‘9 Ways We’re Screwing Up Our Girls and How We Can Stop’ is based on her master’s thesis, which was dedicated to the self-esteem crisis among women and girls. She has appeared on CBS, CTV, Global and CW news shows and has been interviewed on multiple radio stations. She writes for the Huffington Post, Maria Schriver, Forbes, Shine, Disney among many other respected print and online publications

Kimberly Gibbons, M.A., Co-Director of Curriculum Development

A former classroom teacher, an empowering leader and a dynamic speaker, Kimberly Gibbons is ecstatic about the opportunity to bring Anea Bogue’s REALyou vision to the world. She has spent several years supporting Anea’s work and helping to create curriculum for the various programs offered to youth around the globe. Kimberly has spent much of her career inspiring children to unlock their personal power, enabling them to generate increased self-confidence and personal success. She believes strongly that it is our responsibility to connect with the next generation, helping them to discover the power and beauty of what it means to be their REAL self.

Danielle Skogen, Co-Director of Curriculum Development for Kids and Teens A dedicated former classroom teacher, Danielle is especially passionate about Anea’s unique approach to helping children of all ages discover and embody their authentic self. She has long believed that education and empowerment are the keys to supporting the development of whole, healthy, resilient kids. Canadian born and raised, upon moving to Guatemala, Danielle thrived in her role as Manager for the Child Sponsorship Program of a Guatemalan NGO for two years before becoming the Regional Director of Anea’s Latin American division of REALgirl (SERniña) and REALboy (SERniño). In this capacity, Danielle honed her skills as an educator while also pursuing her passion for eradicating poverty and advancing equal rights and opportunities for all. Her world travels and experiences abroad have left Danielle awed by the amazing strength and abilities that exist within children and youth, even when they face some of life’s greatest adversities. Danielle is thrilled to have moved into her new position on the REALyou team as Co-Director of Curriculum Development for Kids and Teens and is looking forward to bringing the REALgirl/REALboy/REALyou message to as many young people as possible, around the world.

Shelli Wright, Director of Marketing and Outreach

Shelli is the parent of a teenage son and daughter and has worked with Anea in various capacities over the last decade. An experienced media professional Shelli works hard to translate Anea’s message into easy-to-digest visual messages. Born and raised in NJ and a graduate of Rutgers University, Shelli spent the earlier part of her career as a copywriter for various major ad agencies. More recently, she’s been an event producer for major brands like Coca Cola and Target. She is the co-author of the upcoming book, The Tao of Maybe, has written and produced live theater family shows for Six Flags of NJ, Atlanta and Chicago, and currently writes for screen and television as well.

Micah Sachs, Chief Technology Officer

A conscious and involved father to his ten-year old son, Micah actively employs 3E Parenting tools and techniques and brings a powerful, multifaceted personal and professional history to his support of Anea’s vision. As a 20-year veteran executive of the technology sector, he brings a vast set of tech expertise to the REALyou team to facilitate access to Anea’s work by parents, youth, and educators locally and globally. As an inveterate student of human behavior, Micah is also currently working towards his Masters in Psychology and regularly contributes to REALyou content and curriculum designed to support boys and men . His mission has been to help those around him heal, grow, and explore their potential even while he continues to do so himself. Micah is excited to support REALyou and intends to expand his role on the team to include becoming a role model and teacher for other heart-centered men and boys to express their authentic selves and promote expressions of healthy masculinity.

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